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November 11

Ringo Starr and John Varvatos team up for charity

John Varvatos is known for spot on Rock n’ Roll style. Throughout the companies years as a leader in stylized fashion, John Varvatos has turned to many musicians to be the face of past campaigns. Legendary rockers such as Iggy Pop, Kiss, Dave Matthews, Green Day, The Roots, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Paige, Perry Farrell, Willie […]

September 29

How to style yourself like a celebrity

When the lens of the camera is constantly on you it’s nice to have a buffer or even a chance at anonymity. Todays celebrities are constantly being stocked by paparazzi and judged extremely harshly by the public. Who wore what, who broke up, who got together, etc. Jessica Biel rocking some aviators that highlight her […]

September 12

Styles that define the character

T.V. shows and movies rely on creating memorable, authentic characters. A lot of times a character can be defined by the way they are dressed and what style they portray. Whether its “Geek Chic” like Zooey Deschanel’s character on “New Girl” or the all too obvious Clark Kent dawning eyeglasses to hide his true identity. […]

October 16

The trendsetting style of Jennifer Aniston

One of the most stylish celebrities today is the wonderfully talented Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is solely responsible for so many women opting to take a cue from the elegant trendsetters hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Recently Jennifer Aniston was seen looking very chic at the premiere of Bette Midler’s Broadway play “I’ll Eat You Last” in […]

September 17

Gucci picks James Franco as the face of their fall/winter 2013 campaign

In the past few years actor James Franco has proven to be more than just a pretty face. Franco was recently the main attraction at Comedy Centrals Roast of James Franco where he was the butt of many jokes, however behind these jokes was the truth about the depth Franco shows in life. He is […]

September 12

Bongo eyewear and Anna Sophia Robb gear up for fall/winter

Bongo eyewear has a new face to represent their brand and they may have picked the perfect person for their new campaign, AnnSophia Robb. AnnaSophia Robb has done a lot in her twenty years (born December 8th, 1993) all of which has been gaining tremendous momentum for the young actress.  AnnaSophia Robb seen here wearing […]

September 11

Celebrity accessorizing with Ray-Ban eyewear

All too often a celebrity will nail a style that one can’t quite put their finger on. Whether it’s a hairstyle or clothing, celebrities and celebrity stylists have their finger on the pulse of cutting edge fashion. As we know, no look is complete without the right accessories to top off or to add a […]