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September 26

Treat your lenses with the right options

With eyewear almost every element has style, from the beautiful shapes and designs to the curves, style, or color. Eyeglasses and sunglasses also serve just as many important functions going way beyond the initial attraction to a particular style. Form fitting, prescription, the list goes on and on. Here are a few things to think […]

December 20

Tuscany eyewear offers new UV shields for eyeglasses

Tuscany eyewear is known for cutting edge eyeglasses and sunglasses that promote style and innovation. With the latest addition of the Tuscany Eye Shield Eyeglasses, Tuscany has offered a new solution for UV protected eyeglasses. The open area of any frame can allow harmful, damaging UV glare to penetrate the eye. With Tuscany’s latest offering […]

October 17

Are you ignoring the health of your vision?

Our senses are how we perceive the world. These senses are often taken for granted until they are either lost completely, or diminished in any way. Eye health is one of the more important senses and it is always wise to take preventative measures to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. As we age, […]

March 29

The perfect lenses for driving

 Eye health is the most important part of eyewear. Our eyes let us experience life and it is essential that we protect one of our most valuable assets.  The world of eyewear is constantly coming out with new developments and innovation for shape, style, materials, and comfort, but the innovations that are most crucial involve […]

March 16

Who invented eyeglasses?

While the exact history of the invention of eyeglasses is unknown, there are many who suggest the foundations of magnification date back to Ancient Egypt. The history picks back up in the first century when a tutor of Emperor Nero of Rome named Seneca the Younger wrote of magnifications aid in seeing objects that were […]

February 27

Detecting vision problems in children

It is very important to be vigilante about the health of your child’s eyes. Not only can it lead to discomfort for your child, it can also effect your child’s effectiveness at school and other important developmental situations. At school a child may not be able to see the chalk board or his or her […]