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The innovations in eyewear.

September 12

Imaginative, bold, and one of a kind – Parasite eyewear

  Pop culture has exploded with tales of sic-fi brilliance. Art imitating life, or vice versa? Parasite eyewear have successfully fused a sense of sci-fi with a futuristic approach to design. Eyeglasses and sunglasses that are truly unique, truly. Parasite Hero Mania Eyeglasses Men and women now have a brand of eyewear that looks absolutely otherworldly […]

July 21

Form and function blended perfectly by Spine eyewear

One constant when looking for the correct pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses is fit. How comfortable are the frames versus the style and personal connection to ones likes or dislikes. Spine eyewear has answered that question by creating stylish frames that are both fully formed and functional. Spine SP3003 Sunglasses The key with Spine eyeglasses […]

July 13

Bending the rules of eyewear technology with Flexon eyewear

How many times have you searched for that perfect frame only to have it broken into pieces after spending hard earned money. Most frames have a threshold, a point in which pressure contorts the frame to it’s limit. The new Flexon FLEXON NATHANIEL 600 Eyeglasses Flexon eyewear is the first to change the eyewear landscape […]

January 09

Monoqool inspires innovative style and unique eyewear fashion

Monoqool eyewear produces some of the most interesting eyewear on the market. The Monoqool eyewear collection is mainly focused on eyeglasses yet offer two limited edition sunglasses. The highlight of this eyewear brand is the patented Helix series signature hinge which offers design innovation, durability, and a truly unique style that is only available with […]

November 13

Serengeti eyewear wins the coveted Silmo d’Or award

Serengeti eyewear is the maker of some of the finest eyewear in the business. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Serengeti offers beautifully crafted sunglasses that also exceed all regulations when it comes to eyewear protection.  Adapting to all light conditions is just one of the many elements of Serengeti quality. Serengeti is known […]

October 10

Smith Optics enhances the way we experience the world with ChromoPop Lenses

Lens technology is truly amazing and has been for the last decade or more. It is always a big step in what lenses may be perfect for you, and with the help of science and humanities drive to create bigger, better, faster products there is a new lens innovation on the market. Smith Optics eyewear […]

September 19

The practical, portable, and uniquely stylish folding eyewear

Eyewear companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to make life easier for the lover of quality eyewear. One of the worst feelings is not having a place to put your frames when not in use while still protecting them. One very clever option is Ray-Ban Eyewear’s folding technology.  The highly iconic and stylish Ray-Ban […]