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See what’s trending in eyewear fashion

January 16

Fresh looks for 2015

Eyewear is one of the most important accessories in fashion, the perfect addition to any look that will surely enhance your style. Eyewear is a perfect way to tell your story and express ones unique style. As we enter 2015 here are some things to consider if you are looking to stay on trend with […]

October 08

Trendsetting styles of 2014

Fashion forecasters Stylesight and Eyecessorize recently held an event which covered an array of topics related to eyewear including product review and trends. The two fashion entities came up with four major trends to pay attention to in the coming months.   The first trend has to do with the onslaught of social media and […]

September 29

How to style yourself like a celebrity

When the lens of the camera is constantly on you it’s nice to have a buffer or even a chance at anonymity. Todays celebrities are constantly being stocked by paparazzi and judged extremely harshly by the public. Who wore what, who broke up, who got together, etc. Jessica Biel rocking some aviators that highlight her […]

September 19

History repeats with vintage style

Marilyn Monroe. Vintage eyewear is a perfect way to convey ones stylish approach to self expression. Eras have come and gone and while fashion has dictated many trends it seems that some styles remain staples in the industry. Vintage eyewear is extremely popular and is a high priority for many fashionistas. Marc by Marc Jacobs. […]

September 12

Styles that define the character

T.V. shows and movies rely on creating memorable, authentic characters. A lot of times a character can be defined by the way they are dressed and what style they portray. Whether its “Geek Chic” like Zooey Deschanel’s character on “New Girl” or the all too obvious Clark Kent dawning eyeglasses to hide his true identity. […]

September 09

Seeing red

We do not often stop and think about what colors mean to our daily lives. Subconsciously colors play a big role in everything from mood to decor and affect people in a number of ways. In a recent study by psychologists at the Wuhan University in China, red, in particular seems to be a very […]

May 13

Must have sunglass styles for summer 2014

As Pinterest gains enormous popularity it also is a great way to track what is trending in all facets of fashion. One place that offers an early summer feel is the amazing Coachella music festival.  Coachella. People from all walks of life gather under the dessert sun, moon, and stars to catch their favorite bands and […]