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January 13

Oxydo eyewear – A Sure Choice in Design and Luxury

Oxydo eyewear offers what they call “Wearable Sculptures”, a bold statement indeed until one actually takes a look at their impressive collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The new Oxydo Oxydo 1070/SC/S Sunglasses The new OXYDO 554 Eyeglasses Luxury designs that push the industry forward with the perfect balance between luxury fashion and perfected craftsmanship. Inspired by […]

September 29

The cool factor – Tres Noir Eyewear

Today there are many sub cultures within sub cultures but one that is undeniably strong and growing daily is the Tattoo/car/lowbrow art movement. Tres Noir eyewear embodies the artful side of amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses available in todays market by drawing inspiration from these genres. Started by two brothers and ran initially out of a Long […]

July 27

Glamour with sophisticated sex appeal from Versace eyewear

Glamour…. The epitome of the Versace brand, an Italian luxury brand so steeped in worldwide trendsetting combines untouchable design with sophisticated sex appeal. The new Versace VE 4321 Sunglasses The new Versace VE 3229 Eyeglasses Versace eyewear with a growing collection of groundbreaking eyeglasses and sunglasses may be one of the most distinctive luxury eyewear […]

February 26

Eyewear artistry by Coco Song

Coco Song eyewear is an outstanding eyewear brand that reaches it’s destination by creating incredible frames with amazing materials and vision. High fashion for your eyes made with such interesting materials as leaves, feathers, silk, jewels, and topped off with interesting patterns and symbols. Coco Song Dream On Eyeglasses Decorative eyewear with a touch of […]

January 11

New goggles for 2014 from Electric eyewear

Electrics founder and designer Kip Arnette has introduced the latest goggles by Electric eyewear for 2014. With deep roots in Southern California culture, ranging from art, music, skate, surf, and snow, the Electric eyewear collection is eclectic. Electric sunglasses are super hip, stylish, and diverse in design. One of the more exciting lifestyle brands, Electric goggles are […]

August 29

Ksubi eyewear takes fashion forward, further

Ksubi eyewear has come on strong this summer with some of the most fashion forward luxury eyewear. With eyeglasses and sunglasses that range from sleek classic designs to amazing, eye catching frames designed with a cutting edge mentality, Ksubi has nailed it.  Ksubi reinterprets classic design flawlessly. Ksubi model Al Reon. This Australian based eyewear […]

August 22

Kaenon eyewear and G. Love add Rock n’ Roll appeal to 2013 collection

Garrett “G. Love” Dutton is best known as a pioneering musical visionary who, with his band G. Love and the Special Sauce helped cultivate a new genre of music. With a mixture of funky yet laid back blues based melodies and a touch of alternative Hip-Hop, G. Love has proven to be a true original. […]