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September 27

Glamorous and seductive Italian eyewear from Liu Jo

Liu Jo Eyewear is a collection of amazing feminine styles. Eyeglasses and sunglasses express a truly seductive feel that radiates throughout the entire Liu Jo collection. Chic shapes and beautiful designs express an authentic female point of view. Liu Jo LJ2639 Eyeglasses The Liu Jo LJ642S show the beauty of the temple alone! Individuality, freedom, and […]

August 27

Designs that radiate true luxury from Jimmy Choo eyewear

There are many designers in the world of fashion yet Jimmy Choo is a true style maker. The London based fashion accessory icon began with highly stylized handmade shoe designs for women. Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo 119 Eyeglasses From the beginning Jimmy Choo had all the right sources backing his creations. When Vogue magazine ran […]

August 25

Balancing rich traditions while shaping fashions future – Givenchy eyewear

Givenchy is a trusted luxury brand among many celebrities. Such talents as Beyonce, Adele, Robert Downey Jr., Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Madonna are often spotted at galas and red carpet events wearing the latest styles from the iconic brand. GIVENCHY SGV 411M Sunglasses Givenchy eyewear is the perfect extension of the brands legendary looks. […]

August 03

Bohemian chic styles from Tory Burch eyewear

Shield your eyes in vintage-chic style with Tory Burch eyewear. From sporty retro chic cat-eyes, to tomboyish aviators. Tory Burch offers comfortable acetates and metals as well as mixed material eyeglasses and sunglasses. The new Tory Burch TY7093 Sunglasses  Launched in 2004 with Tory Burch’s now iconic Reva ballet flats and the tunic, the brand itself […]

August 01

The art of craftsmanship from Bottega Veneta eyewear

Some of the most interesting frames are best viewed up close and personal, much like that of the eye itself. The details emerge as one takes a closer look at the intricacies that make up a great frame. Take a simple shape, a wayfarer for instance. What makes that wayfarer connect with you more than […]

July 30

A taste of youthful rebellion from McQ Eyewear by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen created McQ eyewear in 2005 to give younger people a true brand to call their own. Drawing inspiration from Londons youth culture, McQ eyewear creates eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women that truly captures the essence of the youthful spirit that flows through young adults. MCQ MQ0019S Sunglasses ASAPRocky rockin McQ eyewear […]

July 09

Gucci eyewear brings “Hippie Chic” to new styles

When thinking of a true luxury eyewear brand so many come to mind. Gucci for instance is a staple in the history of trendsetting Italian made fashion. Gucci eyewear creates stunning eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women offering a wide array of beautiful and masculine styles. The new Gucci 3826/S Sunglasses Oversized frames […]