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November 29

Unapologetic modern femininity from Fly Girls Eyewear

Fly Girls eyewear, an offshoot of the enormously successful brand Black Fly’s offers stylized eyeglasses and sunglasses made for women everywhere. Black Fly’s eyewear tends to lean towards the masculine side of eyewear design which makes Fly Girls all the more enticing. Fly Girls Fly Caliber Sunglasses Fly Girls FLY VINTAGE Eyeglasses A brand who’s […]

October 28

Lifestyle is Key, The Unapologetic style of Black Fly’s Eyewear

Black Fly’s eyewear is an unapologetic lifestyle brand that has successfully crossed many sub cultures to become a leader in lifestyle brands. Black Flys SULLEN FLY 2 COLLAB Sunglasses From athletes to artists, surfers to tattoos, from music to the beach it seems Black Fly’s eyeglasses and sunglasses can be found just about everywhere. Black […]

February 11

Von Zipper – Fashion forward lifestyle eyewear

As the weather changes and the snow falls, many will migrate from the beaches to the mountains. As the world of action sports gets bigger so do the brands that accomadate the lifestyle. Von Zipper eyewear continues to create stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses with an emphasis on originality and safety. The new Von Zipper Fishbowl […]

January 27

Quiksilver eyewear: A lifestyle in motion

With a reputation as one of the premier action sports lifestyle brands, Quiksilver has inserted itself into the culture in a big way. Boasting a roster of some of the best surfers, skaters, snowboarders, and cultural trendsetters of the day, Quiksilver never just “plays along”. Quicksilver is in fact one of the few “real deal” […]

April 26

Action sport lifestyle with VonZipper

Southern California based VonZipper eyewear is a brand that expresses a lifestyle. A carefree stylish attitude that fits the unique personalities that gravitate to the quality accessories VonZipper provides. One of the leaders in action sports, VonZipper eyeglasses and sunglasses have a fashion forward spirit. VonZipper offers numerous diverse styles that meld together to form a very […]

January 11

New goggles for 2014 from Electric eyewear

Electrics founder and designer Kip Arnette has introduced the latest goggles by Electric eyewear for 2014. With deep roots in Southern California culture, ranging from art, music, skate, surf, and snow, the Electric eyewear collection is eclectic. Electric sunglasses are super hip, stylish, and diverse in design. One of the more exciting lifestyle brands, Electric goggles are […]

July 12

Culture, folklore, and fantasy inspires true originality from Christian Lacroix

French born Christian Lacroix began drawing fashion inspired drawings at a young age. A love for art led Lacroix to study art history at the University of Montpellier. In 1971 while enrolled at the Sorbonne in Paris, Lacroix began to find a deep admiration and connection to 18th century French painters who included beautiful fashions […]