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September 12

Imaginative, bold, and one of a kind – Parasite eyewear

  Pop culture has exploded with tales of sic-fi brilliance. Art imitating life, or vice versa? Parasite eyewear have successfully fused a sense of sci-fi with a futuristic approach to design. Eyeglasses and sunglasses that are truly unique, truly. Parasite Hero Mania Eyeglasses Men and women now have a brand of eyewear that looks absolutely otherworldly […]

July 10

The luxurious evolution of Volte Face Paris eyewear

In the vast world of eyewear, many companies offer variations of the same. This offers a safe harbor to those companies not willing to take risks to evolve the stylistic fashion that is essential to all of fashion. Take Volte Face Paris Eyewear, the definition itself draws one in to see if the meaning matches […]

October 21

New Styles with unique vision from Lanvin Eyewear

This season the Lanvin Eyewear confirms its passion for refined and innovative eyewear with its new 2015 Eyeglass and Sunglass Collection. Artistic Director Alber Elbaz has instilled a new twist to the typical features of the fashion house and developed them further; creating the perfect combination between elegance and innovation. The new styles, in keeping […]

July 10

Sun kissed frames for Spring/Summer from Guess eyewear

  The new Guess GU 7398 Sunglasses Guess eyewear have released some very fun, stylized, sexy, and always chic eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women. It’s summertime and Guess is definitely prepared with some truly great offerings for 2015. The new Guess GU 9147 Eyeglasses The new Guess GU 7385 Sunglasses The new […]

March 30

Modern and classic design from Ooh La-La- De Paris

Creativity struck Doctors Raul Arencibia and Jeff Northcutt in 2002 during a trip to Paris, France. Sitting at a cafe the two started drawing eyewear designs on the napkins which would later become the first ooh la-la de Paris eyewear frames.  The new model Augie by ooh la-la de Paris. Initially sold within their own offices, ooh […]

July 05

The fashionable originality of Jee Vice eyewear

Oversized frames came into focus in the eyewear world when fashion trendsetters saw the importance of eyewear as a way to complete a style. Eyewear has always been an element of fashion, but in a more practical sense. Some eyewear brands, like any other fashion element can be over the top and some brands just […]

May 03

Complimenting the essence of femininity with Elle eyewear

Elle is the world’s best selling lifestyle magazine. Founded in 1945 in France, Elle was launched in the United States in 1981. By this time Elle was already famous for it’s articles on beauty, health, entertainment, and fashion. Over the years Elle, meaning “she” became the worlds largest and most respected fashion magazines.  A go […]