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August 27

Designs that radiate true luxury from Jimmy Choo eyewear

There are many designers in the world of fashion yet Jimmy Choo is a true style maker. The London based fashion accessory icon began with highly stylized handmade shoe designs for women. Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo 119 Eyeglasses From the beginning Jimmy Choo had all the right sources backing his creations. When Vogue magazine ran […]

January 21

2015 luxury eyewear by Jimmy Choo

While this years award season will be packed with men and women wearing Jimmy Choo fashions on every red carpet one thing is certain, the new Jimmy Choo eyewear styles are simply amazing. Each year Jimmy Choo outdoes himself with styles that are both unique and luxurious. Each eyeglass and sunglass offers the perfect fit […]

September 29

How to style yourself like a celebrity

When the lens of the camera is constantly on you it’s nice to have a buffer or even a chance at anonymity. Todays celebrities are constantly being stocked by paparazzi and judged extremely harshly by the public. Who wore what, who broke up, who got together, etc. Jessica Biel rocking some aviators that highlight her […]

December 05

Inspiring celebrity styles

Often a look we see in a magazine or on television or movies can really speak to us. Something clicks and you realize that that style speaks to the inner you. The question then becomes how to find that particular accessory to complete the look you know is right for you. As the culture becomes […]

October 28

Jimmy Choo unveils the extremely glamorous new Flash/S sunglass

Sometimes the best, possibly most stylish frames often come from companies that do not deal solely in eyewear. Case in point is the fabulous Jimmy Choo who is inspired by many things to create some of the most stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses on the market.  The beautiful Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo Flash/S sunglasses. One […]

March 07

Paying attention to trends in 2013

If you have been paying attention to fashion trends in eyewear you have probably noticed that the 2013-2014 styles are heavily influenced by Sixties retro looks. When the word “Retro” comes up many things come to mind, however the eyeglasses and sunglasses we are talking about here are a mix of Sixties chic and retro […]