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February 17

Signature mens eyewear from Evatik

Fashion seems to focus heavily on women however, most women enjoy a man who takes a few minutes to think about the way they look. While men seem to get off easy in the fashion realm, a nice haircut, jeans, t-shirt, etc many eyewear brands focus on male fashion as a must. Evatik eyewear is […]

September 12

Bongo eyewear and Anna Sophia Robb gear up for fall/winter

Bongo eyewear has a new face to represent their brand and they may have picked the perfect person for their new campaign, AnnSophia Robb. AnnaSophia Robb has done a lot in her twenty years (born December 8th, 1993) all of which has been gaining tremendous momentum for the young actress.  AnnaSophia Robb seen here wearing […]

August 26

The historic distinction of Anglo American eyewear

With over 120 years of experience in the field of quality eyewear, Anglo American Optical is a staple in the world of fashion. Historic is a great way to describe this amazing company. Everyone from trendsetters, to Hollywood, to even Presidents have used Anglo American eyewear to define their personal style.  Robert Kennedy and President […]

August 15

A few tips for finding the ideal frame for you

Finding the perfect eyewear may be a much tougher challenge then it appears. Often times people with a true love for eyewear as fashion pick eyeglasses and sunglasses based on a perceived idea of what they might look like when looking at eyewear campaigns where the model looks spectacular in the frames provided, however it […]

July 02

History making Shuron eyewear

When you think of classic looks, images of influential people may come to mind, or possibly a certain era of style. In the vast world of eyewear there is a company that defines classic, Shuron.  Style icon. Marilyn Monroe. Shuron eyewear has been in the optical business since 1865 producing quality frames and a signature […]

February 28

Only nerds wear eyeglasses?

It is amazing how fashion can flip a stereotype on it’s head. If you think of the stereotypical nerd, visions of eyeglasses with tape on the bridge, or maybe even Steve Urkel come to mind. This look has been completely embraced by fashion, film, music, and celebrities. Almost every trendsetter of today has been photographed […]