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February 17

Signature mens eyewear from Evatik

Fashion seems to focus heavily on women however, most women enjoy a man who takes a few minutes to think about the way they look. While men seem to get off easy in the fashion realm, a nice haircut, jeans, t-shirt, etc many eyewear brands focus on male fashion as a must. Evatik eyewear is […]

February 10

The daring style and innovative allure of Alain Mikli

The Alain Mikli eyewear collection is highly renowned in the eyewear sector for its provocative designs, created to be noticed, not hidden away. The new Alain Mikli AL1408 Sunglasses Its designer pieces offer the ultimate in comfort, with exclusive patents, frames and nose pads chosen to suit every face to perfection. Alain Mikli eyeglasses and sunglasses […]

June 12

Marc Jacobs celebrates 30 years of style

In 1994 one of the fashion industries greatest designers, Marc Jacobs launched his own signature brand. 30 years later Marc Jacobs continues to create some of the most respected and sought after styles in the industry. Recent lines have been the result of collaborations with some of todays most provocative artists including Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, […]

August 28

Successfully flying under the radar with Cassius eyewear

How does an eyewear brand stay under the radar even when such visible celebrities and athletes such as the Black Eyed Peas, Carmelo Anthony, Kelis, Kanye West, The Killers, Lady GaGa, Melanie Fiona, MGMT, Michelle Rodriguez, Natalia Kills, Rihanna, Talib Kweli and Tinie Tempah have been spotted wearing them? The answer is simple.  The highly stylized […]

February 28

Only nerds wear eyeglasses?

It is amazing how fashion can flip a stereotype on it’s head. If you think of the stereotypical nerd, visions of eyeglasses with tape on the bridge, or maybe even Steve Urkel come to mind. This look has been completely embraced by fashion, film, music, and celebrities. Almost every trendsetter of today has been photographed […]

February 15

Remembering Cazal Creator Cari Zalloni

Since the passing of the mastermind behind Cazal Eyewear, Cari Zalloni, 1937-2012, the Eyewear community has been reminded just how influential this company has been. With Zalloni’s approach “Design doesn’t mean leaving things out” Zalloni created Eyewear way ahead of it’s time. Cari Zalloni’s design style is unmistakable because he did not create Eyewear for […]