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September 19

History repeats with vintage style

Marilyn Monroe. Vintage eyewear is a perfect way to convey ones stylish approach to self expression. Eras have come and gone and while fashion has dictated many trends it seems that some styles remain staples in the industry. Vintage eyewear is extremely popular and is a high priority for many fashionistas. Marc by Marc Jacobs. […]

May 13

Must have sunglass styles for summer 2014

As Pinterest gains enormous popularity it also is a great way to track what is trending in all facets of fashion. One place that offers an early summer feel is the amazing Coachella music festival.  Coachella. People from all walks of life gather under the dessert sun, moon, and stars to catch their favorite bands and […]

November 20

The historical and iconic Wayfarer

There is a commonality to many iconic images recorded in video and photographic history, the Wayfarer. The Wayfarer crossed over in popularity, frames so cool that they were adopted by musicians, artists, working class people, teenagers, movie stars, and even politicians.  Marilyn Monroe in the iconic Wayfarer.  In the 80’s Ray-Bans saw a huge burst […]

October 26

Juicy Couture releases cutting edge eyewear

Juicy Couture is glamour made in America. Juicy Couture eyewear makes an instant impression with their cutting edge design and flair for the fabulous. Lately we have been seeing a few more subdued designs that work on any and all levels, as well as the flash Juicy Couture is famous for. Here is a look […]

August 16

Eyewear trends that help make 2013 fashionable

Many things play important roles in defining the times we live in. Everything from politics to world events to the way people interact with each other. So many factors go into telling the story of the past and present. One undeniable factor is of course fashion. 2013 marks a return to amazing fashion. It is […]

May 08

The hard work and dedication of Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness was originally launched in 1989 as a handbag and accessories retailer by Lucinda “Lulu” Jane Guinness. Lulu is a British fashion designer who reached the height of fashion when she was awarded the OBE in 2006 during the Queen’s Birthday Honours and in 2009 when Lulu was awarded The Independent Handbag Designer Awards […]

March 08

What the stars are wearing

Celebrity fashion has a big influence on many people. A lot of times when getting a haircut you might bring in a style you saw a celebrity wearing. Luckily with eyeglasses and sunglasses you do not have to find yourself getting ready for hours. It is a simple matter of individual style and taste. Here […]