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September 10

Must have trendsetting styles from Quay Australia Sunglasses

Super stylized and unbelievable cool, Quay Australia Sunglasses (pronounced Key) are some of the sleekest frames on the market today. With a roster of celebrity trendsetters (including every Kardashian and Jenner) already giving their endorsement by adding Quay to their personal wardrobes Quay is a rising star in the industry. Quay Australia Dream of Me […]

August 26

American made glamour from Juicy Couture Eyewear

Started by Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy in the late nineties, Juicy Couture is easily one of the fastest growing fashion labels in the world. Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy came up with a very smart business plan – getting celebrities to wear their tracksuits. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Britney Spears looking fashionably casual in […]

August 25

Balancing rich traditions while shaping fashions future – Givenchy eyewear

Givenchy is a trusted luxury brand among many celebrities. Such talents as Beyonce, Adele, Robert Downey Jr., Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Madonna are often spotted at galas and red carpet events wearing the latest styles from the iconic brand. GIVENCHY SGV 411M Sunglasses Givenchy eyewear is the perfect extension of the brands legendary looks. […]

September 19

History repeats with vintage style

Marilyn Monroe. Vintage eyewear is a perfect way to convey ones stylish approach to self expression. Eras have come and gone and while fashion has dictated many trends it seems that some styles remain staples in the industry. Vintage eyewear is extremely popular and is a high priority for many fashionistas. Marc by Marc Jacobs. […]

July 15

Tattoo inspired eyewear from Ed Hardy

Don Ed Hardy is an artist from Southern California who has transcended his role as art student to become an art teacher and mentor to many artists at his studio, Tattoo City. Hardy is a renowned Tattoo artist who became famous for mixing Japanese Tattoo aesthetics with American techniques. Hardy was a graduate of The […]

April 18

Artistic modern luxury with Vera Wang eyewear

  Vera Wang is a highly respected name in the world of fashion. It is hard to believe that Vera Wang did not release her own designs until 1990. The highly respected Woman behind the brand is Vera Ellen Wang, a talented fashion designer from New York City.  Vera Wang was once behind the scenes […]

April 17

Redefining classic shapes with Dita eyewear

  Childhood friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper grew up loving design and photography. There was a mutual respect that inspired these childhood friends to want to work together. This led them to the idea to create an eyewear line that redefined classic vintage frames from the Fifties to the Eighties. Dita eyewear is an […]