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May 27

Luxury for any occasion – Versace eyewear 2015

It’s always exciting to see the latest eyewear from the top brands in eyewear. Stylistically Versace eyewear never ceases to amaze with a luxurious collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Versace keeps their focus on eyewear that seamlessly blends high end runway styles with comfy, casual eyewear. Versace creates polarizing eyewear for Men and Women that […]

January 29

Badgley Mischka eyewear reflects on vintage Hollywood

Badgley Mischka is a luxury brand that has been hailed as one of the top 10 American designers by Vogue. Badgley Mischka eyewear have released a beautiful collection of new eyeglass and sunglass styles that echo the glamour of 1940’s Hollywood. The frames have a classic appeal with a nice emphasis on metal and acetate […]

October 15

Luxury fashion engineered by Porsche Design eyewear

Porsche Design eyewear has always prided itself with creating timeless eyewear complete with the latest innovations in eyewear design. Artistic engineering and close attention to comfort have made Porsche Design eyewear a leader in luxury eyewear. Originally an eyewear line for men, Porsche Design eyewear has really stepped up their game, creating some of the […]

September 22

Silhouette eyewear’s minimal design and flawless innovation

Minimal in design and flawless in innovation, Silhouette eyewear is always on the cutting edge. Whether it is found in screwless advancements or undeniable flexible hinge design, Silhouette eyewear is like no other.  The new face of Silhouette, the Academy Award winning Cate Blanchett. Silhouette takes the bulky feel out of eyewear which fits seamlessly […]

August 27

Muti-cultural diversity celebrated by Republica eyewear

Many eyewear brands focus on worldwide distribution and fashion at large, yet few brands focus on the cultures that make this world a fascinating place. Republica eyewear is the exception to the rule. This premiere multi-cultural eyewear brand has drawn its influence from the many interesting people and places far and wide with a very […]

August 07

The award winning Kazuo Kawasaki introduces The Rim collection

Kazuo Kawasaki is an award winning industrial designer who has created a signature line of eyewear thats main focus is creating some of todays most precision eyewear designs. With the hard to find balance of a mind proficient in both mathematical skill and artistic skill, Kazuo Kawasaki is a double threat. The Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear […]

July 18

Original style and luxury with Caviar eyewear

If you are looking for truly exotic frames, Caviar eyewear most definitely has you covered. Caviar eyeglasses and sunglasses offer some of the most unique styles in the eyewear world. Caviar eyewear offers a large selection of frame designs, each completely unique. Caviar eyewear has become a highly sought after brand for it’s one of […]