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December 01

Finely tailored frames for men by Ermenegildo Zegna

The Ermenegildo Zegna brand has always been associated with a refined and understated elegance perfectly reflected in their outstanding eyewear collection.   Its style results from the combination of first-rate tailoring and the pursuit of excellence. The new sunglasses and eyeglasses have been designed for men who seek elegance at all times, also in their leisure […]

October 28

New Colors, New Styles, and The Perfect Fit From Safilo Design

The Safilo Design collection consists of comfortable lightweight materials streamlined with sleek, minimalists designs. Safely Design is designed for the detail-oriented contemporary man or woman. The new Safilo Design SA 6048 Eyeglasses The new Safilo Design SA 1077 Eyeglasses Safely Design consists of modern styles that are extremely comfortable ensuring a great eyewear experience. The use of the “flex” […]

August 28

Family, fashion, and a look at new styles from Kate Spade eyewear

Katy Brosnahan started in the world of fashion by working in the accessories department at Mademoiselle. It was there that she would meet her husband Andy Spade, brother of actor/comedian David Spade. The new Kate Spade KHRISTA/S Sunglasses The new Kate Spade ANGELISA Eyeglasses The new Kate Spade JAYDEE Eyeglasses After leaving Mademoiselle and working so […]

July 18

New styles with a New York flair from Coach eyewear

New York, one of the major hubs of which shapes American culture is a storied city that has given us many lifetimes of art, fashion, and commerce. There is an energy to the city that inspires the greatest artists of our time to create all genres of “new”. We have all heard the tales of the writers, […]

July 10

The luxurious evolution of Volte Face Paris eyewear

In the vast world of eyewear, many companies offer variations of the same. This offers a safe harbor to those companies not willing to take risks to evolve the stylistic fashion that is essential to all of fashion. Take Volte Face Paris Eyewear, the definition itself draws one in to see if the meaning matches […]

June 27

New Styles from Chloe Eyewear Express Optimism and Personality

The spirited optimism of the Spring-Summer 2016 eyewear collection is captured in this season’s campaign. The new Chloe CE124S Sunglasses Chloé girls skip across cobblestones and mosaic-tiled footpaths of a bustling summer city. Bathed in the warm sunshine, each girl glows with eyeglasses and sunglasses that are unique personality and an individual sense of style […]

September 25

Living Beautifully with Lacoste Eyewear

“Life is a Beautiful Sport” is a tribute to the Lacoste’s founding values. Whether on the playing fields or in everyday life, Lacoste is rooted in a quest for authenticity, performance, and elegance. #LIVEBEAUTIFULLY The new Lacoste L797S Sunglasses The new Lacoste L796S Sunglasses Lacoste eyewear have released some great new styles for both men and women. […]