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June 12

A vintage celebration from Persol eyewear

Persol is a leader in eyewear, fully dedicated to all avenues of quality sunglasses and eyeglasses. Persol is known for their amazing frames as well as their highly creative ad campaigns. The new Persol PO 3110S Sunglasses   Vintage Celebration is a journey that Persol began two years ago – a rediscovery of the colors […]

September 09

Seeing red

We do not often stop and think about what colors mean to our daily lives. Subconsciously colors play a big role in everything from mood to decor and affect people in a number of ways. In a recent study by psychologists at the Wuhan University in China, red, in particular seems to be a very […]

May 13

Must have sunglass styles for summer 2014

As Pinterest gains enormous popularity it also is a great way to track what is trending in all facets of fashion. One place that offers an early summer feel is the amazing Coachella music festival.  Coachella. People from all walks of life gather under the dessert sun, moon, and stars to catch their favorite bands and […]

January 28

Persol introduces new styles to enhance it’s signature look

Persol eyewear has always been the epitome of cool, classic, and undeniably unique. The famous Actor and lover of cars Steve McQueen championed the brand early on.  Steve McQueen in Persol sunglasses. Since that time we have seen Persol eyeglasses and sunglasses become one of the most high quality brands on the market. The new […]

December 05

Inspiring celebrity styles

Often a look we see in a magazine or on television or movies can really speak to us. Something clicks and you realize that that style speaks to the inner you. The question then becomes how to find that particular accessory to complete the look you know is right for you. As the culture becomes […]

October 02

Persol re-releases a classic and introduces new retro collection

Persol eyewear is known for top-notch quality luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses. This year Persol eyewear is pleased to release the new Reflex Edition collection as well as bring back the classic Persol PO 0649.  Persol brings back the classic Persol model PO 0649. A true classic in the history of eyewear style. This rerelease of […]

September 19

The practical, portable, and uniquely stylish folding eyewear

Eyewear companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to make life easier for the lover of quality eyewear. One of the worst feelings is not having a place to put your frames when not in use while still protecting them. One very clever option is Ray-Ban Eyewear’s folding technology.  The highly iconic and stylish Ray-Ban […]