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February 07

1950’s Styles Re-imagined by The Original Penguin eyewear

The Original Penguin is an iconic American clothing line with roots in the Rat Pack era of the 1950’s. The Original Penguin The Martin Sunglasses The brand catapulted back into fashion in 2000, when young men demanded that their favorite stores restock the golf shirt that originally made the brand famous. Great Colors used on […]

November 01

Quirky Yet Refined – The Contemporary Flair of Ted Baker Eyewear

Quirky yet completely focused on high quality design and detail, Ted Baker is the quintessential British eyewear brand. Ted Baker Eyewear consists of eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women that are influenced by a mix of retro and contemporary flair. The new Ted Baker B638 Sunglasses The new Ted Baker B655 Sunglasses The […]

October 28

Mastering The Intricacies of the Decades by Anglo American Eyewear

Designing eyewear is something many of us may take for granted. What would we look like if artistry was never applied to the form and function of correcting or protecting our vision? Anglo American Cruise Sun Sunglasses In this day and age of fast, fast, faster it’s refreshing when a brand takes pride in each […]

September 29

The cool factor – Tres Noir Eyewear

Today there are many sub cultures within sub cultures but one that is undeniably strong and growing daily is the Tattoo/car/lowbrow art movement. Tres Noir eyewear embodies the artful side of amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses available in todays market by drawing inspiration from these genres. Started by two brothers and ran initially out of a Long […]

August 03

Bohemian chic styles from Tory Burch eyewear

Shield your eyes in vintage-chic style with Tory Burch eyewear. From sporty retro chic cat-eyes, to tomboyish aviators. Tory Burch offers comfortable acetates and metals as well as mixed material eyeglasses and sunglasses. The new Tory Burch TY7093 Sunglasses  Launched in 2004 with Tory Burch’s now iconic Reva ballet flats and the tunic, the brand itself […]

April 20

Polaroid Eyewear – Always Polarized

For well over 75 years Polaroid has been a trusted name in eyewear as well as the retro brilliance of the Polaroid Instant camera. Polaroid Eyewear design and manufacture glare-free sunglasses with the highest level of UV protection possible and outstanding quality. The new Polaroid PLD 1000/S Sunglasses Polaroid invites people to see more in life […]

November 04

Unique Designs and the Perfect Fit from Legre eyewear

Legre Eyewear is a high end eyewear company providing the very best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses at an affordable price while maintaining quality. Legre Eyewear’s collections include some of the most fashionable styles and colors today. Legre LE250 Eyeglasses With over 250 styles, there is no limit to what frames Legre can offer. Their two collections […]