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August 26

Refined contemporary style by Hugo Boss eyewear

Hugo Boss is known for never being afraid to break the rules of menswear and womenswear. Hugo Boss eyewear is no exception with eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women that are reworked from traditional combinations to a new, more refined contemporary collection. Hugo Boss BOSS 0803/S Sunglasses Hugo Boss BOSS 0801/S Sunglasses  Hugo Boss is an exceptional example of elegant aesthetics […]

March 28

Sensual and daring designs from Catherine Malandrino eyewear

For the last 15 years, Catherine Malandrino has become a face that embodies femininity and strength. Bridging the style of Paris, the romance of Provence and the energy of New York, the Catherine Malandrino voice is embraced by women of style all around the world. The new Catherine Malandrino CMS 900 Sunglasses Alicia Keys in […]

March 04

The essence of feminine style – Bebe eyewear 2015

The name “bebe” was inspired by the infamous line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “to be or not to be.” bebe is the essence of being. Bebe eyewear embraces a hip,“fast-fashion” formula that fashion forward women trust to deliver the hottest and newest eyeglass and sunglass styles. The new Bebe BB7133 La Lights Sunglasses   The new Bebe BB5082 Lady […]

December 14

Elegant new designs for professionals by Dana Buchman

Elegant designs are a signature element in Dana Buchmans impressive collections. With a highly esteemed scholastic background it’s no wonder Dana Buchman has reached such phenomenal success in the business world.  A true believer in successful women, Dana Buchman.  The very stylish new Alta by Dana Buchman.  The new Justine by Dana Buchman. Dana Buchmans […]

November 11

Paul Frank introduces a stylishly unique new eyewear collection

Artist Paul Frank made a huge name for himself when he started incorporating his hand drawn characters to his fashion label. With modest beginnings Paul Frank has created a well known worldwide fashion brand from his distinct style of characters including his most recognizable character Julius the monkey. Immediately when the monkey appears you know […]

August 30

Tom Ford and the icons of pop culture

2013 has seen a huge rise in the pop culture interest in Tom Ford. As the L.A. times has reported, the name Tom Ford has spiked within the search engines to an amazing 155% over last year at this same time. Tom Ford has built a reputation for flawless classic design, and that reputation has […]