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November 29

Unapologetic modern femininity from Fly Girls Eyewear

Fly Girls eyewear, an offshoot of the enormously successful brand Black Fly’s offers stylized eyeglasses and sunglasses made for women everywhere. Black Fly’s eyewear tends to lean towards the masculine side of eyewear design which makes Fly Girls all the more enticing. Fly Girls Fly Caliber Sunglasses Fly Girls FLY VINTAGE Eyeglasses A brand who’s […]

August 01

The art of craftsmanship from Bottega Veneta eyewear

Some of the most interesting frames are best viewed up close and personal, much like that of the eye itself. The details emerge as one takes a closer look at the intricacies that make up a great frame. Take a simple shape, a wayfarer for instance. What makes that wayfarer connect with you more than […]

July 26

Marchon eyeglasses reflect N.Y.C. style and beyond

A staple in the eyewear industry is Marchon eyewear which consists of cutting edge, stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses for the souls who understand eyewear is in fact an extension of self. Fun, free, conservative, outgoing, quality, except no substitute. We are pleased to preview a few new styles which convey the strong responsibility Marchon has […]

July 21

Form and function blended perfectly by Spine eyewear

One constant when looking for the correct pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses is fit. How comfortable are the frames versus the style and personal connection to ones likes or dislikes. Spine eyewear has answered that question by creating stylish frames that are both fully formed and functional. Spine SP3003 Sunglasses The key with Spine eyeglasses […]

July 14

Touches of perfection from Lulu Guinness Eyewear

  Lulu Guinness eyewear have maintained a prominent place in the world of glamorous eyeglasses and sunglasses all over the globe. Women connect to the feminine sensibilities, luxurious curves, and the way Lulu Guinness eyeglasses and sunglasses enhance ones individual beauty by not competing with the wearer. The new Lulu Guinness L894 Eyeglasses There is […]

July 13

Seeing is believing – Dolce & Gabbana release new limited edition frames

Dolce & Gabbana have truly outdone themselves with this amazing new collection of new and limited edition frames. Already known as a top of the line luxury fashion house, these new eyeglasses and sunglasses simply have to be seen to be believed. The new Dolce & Gabbana DG 4276 Sunglasses The new Dolce & Gabbana DG […]

June 27

New Styles from Chloe Eyewear Express Optimism and Personality

The spirited optimism of the Spring-Summer 2016 eyewear collection is captured in this season’s campaign. The new Chloe CE124S Sunglasses Chloé girls skip across cobblestones and mosaic-tiled footpaths of a bustling summer city. Bathed in the warm sunshine, each girl glows with eyeglasses and sunglasses that are unique personality and an individual sense of style […]