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August 26

Refined contemporary style by Hugo Boss eyewear

Hugo Boss is known for never being afraid to break the rules of menswear and womenswear. Hugo Boss eyewear is no exception with eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women that are reworked from traditional combinations to a new, more refined contemporary collection. Hugo Boss BOSS 0803/S Sunglasses Hugo Boss BOSS 0801/S Sunglasses  Hugo Boss is an exceptional example of elegant aesthetics […]

December 19

Lilly Pulitzer and Lilly Pulitzer Girls releases stylish new frames

With a perfect balance of sophistication and playfulness, Lilly Pulitzer eyewear is a highly celebrated brand in fashion. What sets Lilly Pulitzer eyeglasses and sunglasses apart from other fashion forward eyewear brands is unique embellishments and a color palette that is confident and genuine. The Lilly Pulitzer brand has released a thoughtful collection of stylized […]

December 14

Elegant new designs for professionals by Dana Buchman

Elegant designs are a signature element in Dana Buchmans impressive collections. With a highly esteemed scholastic background it’s no wonder Dana Buchman has reached such phenomenal success in the business world.  A true believer in successful women, Dana Buchman.  The very stylish new Alta by Dana Buchman.  The new Justine by Dana Buchman. Dana Buchmans […]

November 27

Ann Taylor launches a stylish new eyewear collection

Founded in 1954, Ann Taylor is a highly successful chain of clothing stores devoted to creating many styles for women. The Ann Taylor style is primarily one that focuses its attention on career oriented women with a look of sophistication and elegance for the workplace and beyond. Ann Taylor has broadened their scope and evolved […]

June 14

Perfected balance in minimalism with Jil Sander eyewear

Jil Sander was born Heidemarie Jiline Sander and is the founder of the uber popular German fashion house Jil Sander. Jil Sander designs found huge success in the nineteen eighties for creating minimal contemporary looks aimed at women in high executive positions.  Jil Sander has become famous for what has been described as an unorthodox […]

May 30

7 for All Mankind: from casual to formal

7 for All Mankind has made a reputable name in the world of fashion. With stylish designs, 7 for All Mankind has become one of the most popular premium denim brands today. Since it’s creation in 2000 by Jerome Dahan, Peter Koral, and Michael Glasser, 7 for All Mankind has gained worldwide attention and popularity almost overnight.  The […]

April 30

The effortlessly chic designs of 3.1 Phillip Lim

In 2005 designer Phillip Lim teamed up with business partner Wen Zhou and founded 3.1 Phillip Lim. Quickly becoming a critical and commercial success, 3.1 Phillip Lim was also winning awards for menswear and womenswear and Phillip Lim was awarded the 2007 award for emerging talent. Currently Lim is the creative director of the brand. […]